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About Us

Long-time friends, Lisa and Linda, grew up making a mess in their mother's kitchen. They spent numerous weekends chuckling over recipes and curating their passion for baking. Growing up they dreamt of owning their own bakeshop. Today, they are still giggling (this time in their own kitchen) over perfected recipes. SweetPeas Emporium is the product of a lifelong vision and they are ecstatic to share their treats with you!

SweetPeas Emporium

SweetPeas Emporium is filled to the brim with gourmet treats and every kind of candy imaginable. You will not leave this Homemade cookie shop empty-handed. This little place is bubbling with magic and reminiscent of old-time candy shoppe's. 


"Staff is so nice and friendly. Best sugar cookies I've ever had! Mix with their raspberry and white hot chocolate for a perfect winter delight."

Rose F.

"Great customer service. Homemade ice cream. Delicious treats. Fresh baked cookies and some even have candy on top."

Judith H.


"SweetPeas Emporium is a delightful little hideaway with delicious cookies and nice people. Feels like you're on vacation, if only for 10 minutes."

Janet H.

"Love this place! Always clean and stocked. The staff is nice and knowledgeable. Cookies are huge and freshly made and now they have ice cream and shaved ice."

Marcia M.

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